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Our Expertise

Our founders and principles have extensive experience in all facets of healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology IT.  From high-level strategy to operational excellence to software development, deployment and support, we are your single point of contact for all of your IT needs.

For some clients, consultation and advisory services are not enough.  We provide leadership and organizational capabilities at the Director, VIP and CIO/CTO levels for clients who require these services. One, three and five year strategic plans that map to the business needs, gap analysis, IT roadmaps, and organizational plans that support these strategies are all services that are available.

All companies can benefit from utilizing cloud services.  Moving your email, finance, HR, or telephone system to the cloud can decrease costs and increase availability. Moving files, storage and backup to the cloud decreases the chance of losing critical data and makes business continuity planning and disaster recovery simple.  Cogitas can host your systems and move you to the cloud quickly and easily.

Cogitas has deep experience in software development.  Using Agile methodology, our developers and software architects have created custom software solutions which have helped ER patients, cancer patients, drug development and Pharma companies - the list goes on.

Strategy & Organization
Cloud Services
App Development

Many business process are mired in old-school ways of thinking.  Bringing IT connectivity to all facets of the organization, such as Finance, Manufacturing, HR and R+D allows for integrated analytics, higher efficiencies, quicker time to market and higher customer satisfaction.


Working with software and hardware vendors can be confusing and time-consuming.  Our Project Managers and implementation teams can act as a trusted broker on your behalf, managing change and ensuring that the installation and qualification of new software and hardware for your organization goes off without a hitch.

Most, if not all, organizations have legacy IT systems. Cogitas will create a hybrid architecture which combines the best of the cloud while leveraging your existing IT investment.  Let our technicians change the way your business interacts with IT - we can do everything from expert onsite support to letting us run your IT infrastructure for you.


IT Management
Vendor Management
Digital Transformation
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