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Technology Buildout for CRISPR/CAS9 Genome Editing
Enable Cancer Genomics and Diagnostics
Cogitas Consulting has the experience and expertise to contribute to your organization in many ways.  Take a look at the remarkable projects below for examples of our depth and breadth. And if you have any questions, contact us - we are always happy to talk about our work.


KEW Inc. is a personalized medicine company built on choosing the right course of therapy for cancer patients based on the genetic changes happening in cancerous cells.  We built a software package that manages the flow of information from DNA sequencers and presents mutations in different genes to scientists who can curate the changes in the cancer genome.  This allows Oncologists to create a care plan that focuses exclusively on an individual's specific disease needs.

Working with Intellia Therapeutics, we created the initial technology buildout for a venture capital-funded Genome Editing company.  Cogitas managed the hardware and cloud vendors, planned the hybrid architecture to support their computer infrastructure, and enabled a seamless rollout of IT services to the scientists engaged in this cutting-edge research.

We worked with Intarcia Therapeutics, who produce an implantable medical device which helps to control A1C levels for Type-2 Diabetes patients.  We helped design and build the software platform which manages their commercial information - inventory, shipping, patient and health care provider, fulfillment and more - to bring efficiencies to the business and quicker service to their patients.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School's teaching hospital, UMass Memorial Health Center, has an initiative to provide screening services for suicide prevention during Emergency Room encounters.  We built HL7 messaging infrastructure and databases to interface web-based screening software with the ER's PulseCheck Electronic Health Record System to help insure patients at risk receive help in a timely manner.

Pharma Commercial Software Infrastructure Design
Provide Patient Care in an Emergency Room Setting
Clinical Trial Data Aggregation and Analysis

Working with AstraZeneca NeuroMed division, Cogitas acted as Project Management and Subject Matter Experts for a clinical trial data aggregation project.  AstraZeneca needed to collect and compare data from dozens of clinical trials spread over time.  Cogitas identified vendors, managed requirements, demonstrations and implementation, and provided a turnkey solution to AstraZeneca

Implement Clinical Trial Management System

UMass Medical School has an affiliated teaching hospital, UMass Memorial Health Center.  The researchers at the medical school wanted to work with Pharma and Biotech to support clinical trials inside the hospital.  We worked with hospital and medical school staff to collect requirements, manage vendor demonstrations, and guide the implementation for a successful rollout of their CTMS.

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